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New Player Introductions per team.


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Any idea when some of the others are going to be introduced league-wide?

I know the Islander already had their press conference for this. Bill Guerin gave one of the new guys a Favre jersey as a gag.

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I really need to pay more attention to the Western Conference - I had no idea Blake signed with the Sharks. I bet he'll get to hold onto his #4. I went over to the Sharks official site and it has both of them listed as #4.

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It doesn't look like Detroit held any big press conference to introduce Hossa and Conklin. Conklin skated with the team on Aug. 29 and was just as surprised at the Hossa signing as anyone else, considering that they were already teammates. :)

Hossa stepped on the ice as a Red Wing on Monday. Pic of both of them from the Detroit News:


In other Wings signing news, Brad Stuart, Valtteri Filppula, Aaron Downey, Kyle Quincey, and Chris Chelios all re-signed. Darren McCarty has an offer on the table but hasn't officially accepted it yet. Detroit hasn't lost any notable player this year, although a couple of trades will be necessary because I think we're either at or over the cap.

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