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customization red wings tbtc


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anyone know who can do a wings 1991-92 tbtc yzerman jersey correctly? every time you see one done it seems they are all a bit different. the diamond with the captin "C" is always slightly different. and the font of the numbers is sometimes off. some have white sleeve numbers with red outline when i believe the sleeve numbers were pure white. i have also seen photos where there are no sleeve numbers at all. it is really hard to find photos of game worn tbtc's. i have found game worn photos a coffey jersey and a drake jersey and neither had sleeve numbers. however i have game photos where they do have numbers on the sleeve. was it pre season when they had no sleeve numbers? my memory is not good enough to recall being at the games that many years ago.

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According to the photo in the Yzerman tribute book "Nineteen" that shows him on the ice in that uniform, the sleeve numbers are in block style, white and completely enclosed within the larger red stripe on the sleeve; the "DETROIT" is in a standard sans-serif typestyle (not block letters); and the diamond for the "C" spans the top two red stripes (the top of the diamond is just above the top edge of the top stripe, and the bottom of the diamond is at the bottom edge of the bottom stripe).

The throwback I have has the diamond in the wrong position, with the left and right points in line with the top edge of the top stripe, and it uses a visible zig-zag stitching in red. The photo shows a solid red border around the diamond, and a much smaller "C" in block letter, red.

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