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Moose Jaw Warriors jersey

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Hey guys, I'm new here and this is my first post on these forums. I'm actually completely new to buying hockey jerseys, so please understand if I don't know something that's regarded as fairly common knowledge. However, I should probably get to the point:

I have been looking for a Moose Jaw Warriors jersey for a few days. After my searching, I came to the conclusion that they are only available from the official website. However, before shelling out the money for one, I figured I'd come to a bunch of experienced jersey collectors and ask if you had any advice for a first time buyer. Is there anyplace else I could get a Warriors jersey for a lower price? I've checked ebay, and they have none. Am I missing another source, or is the official web site really the only place to buy a Warriors jersey?

Thanks a lot,

PA Fanadian

P.S. I have one more question. Browsing the internet, I found three different Warriors jerseys. They are the two on the official site here: http://www.mjwarriors.ca/store/jerseys.php

And there is a white one with "Warriors" written diagonally down the front, as seen here: http://hockeyoverstock.com/ccm550jrysrmjw.html

What is the difference between these? This may be a very obvious question, but as mentioned above, I'm an amateur at all this, and I don't want to end up with a jersey of the wrong team or something like that.

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