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canucks 1994 finals jersey, the skate logo


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Hey I need to know who made the jerseys in 1994 when the Canucks made the finals. On the authentic jerseys would you find a Maska tag or a CCM tag? Which tag was it, and again this is for the authentic jerseys. Thanks.

Im thinking of buying an authentic skate jersey from someone and its a Maska tag, it would be great if they wore that so I could put the SCF patch and 2 PTS FG patch on it.

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does it matter whether its a ccm or maska tag? its a 100% authentic jersey though, and the ccm tag does still say maska in smaller font on the bottom

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I have two of those actually. A white one from 1990 and a black one from 1994.

The '90 one says Maska Ultrafil while the black one says CCM with the Maska Co at the bottom of the tag. Since the Canucks wore CCM Maska jerseys since 1982-83, I'd say that CCM definitely supplied them all of their jerseys since the days of Sandow SK.

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