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Where can I find Big and Tall Hockey Jerseys?


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Hi guys....Where can I find Big and Tall Hockey Jerseys? Like Size 60 and larger

Ebay is a great place to look. Try these search results. Ebay search results

It's a bit tricky since the naming is not as standardized as you'd like. Some people call them "60", some "Jumbo" and then there's 3XL or XXXL, and even a few called 4XL.

I'm personally unaware of sizes beyond the 60/Jumbo/3XL range. The one variable is a "58G" or "60G", which stands for "goalie cut", which gains you extra width I believe.

If you know your ebay, you might be able to refine your search results better to either include more jerseys my search did not reveal, or perhaps eliminate a few that do not belong in the search. The tricky thing about adding too much to the search I linked you to is that many sellers put a complete size chart in their auction, so suddenly every jersey they list from small to 4XL comes back in your search results, regardless of it's actual size, so instead of 25 jerseys that fit your needs, I got 825 jerseys of all shapes and sizes.

The choices may not be as many as you would like, but they sure look to be a nice selection of some very cool throwbacks from the Nordiques, Bruins, Red Wings, Blackhawks and Sabres, most of which are already customized, as well as the occasional Messier Oilers and Selanne Jets - all in the classic jersey style of manufacturing that most people prefer.

The other nice thing you have going for you is somewhat limited competition, which will keep the bidding wars to a minimum. Trust me, if you miss out on one, the same ones seem to come back again and again. Check the completed auctions to get a feel for what has been listed several times in the recent past and what the going rate is if you find one you want.

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SportsK.com has a big and tall jersey section. Currently they only have Rbk replica's available (3xl & 4xl) but I believe in the past they have had larger sized authentics.

SporsK Big and Tall Jerseys

I'm a big guy and traditionally I wear between a 56-58, depending on the era of the jersey. I do have a couple of 60's and I will say that it seems the larger the jersey the more it varies in size from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have an old 60G Starter from 1996 that is only 29 inches wide but i have a Rbk 6100 that is a 60G that is 32 inches wide. If going the ebay route you may want to ask the seller for the precise dimensions before making a bid.

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Hi guys....Where can I find Big and Tall Hockey Jerseys? Like Size 60 and larger


are you looking for replicas or authentics?

home, road or alts?

what do you want to spend?

all good things to consider :thumbsup:


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