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To add a funky trend to IceJerseys forum law keeping, I suggest that if ever law need to be held, we call it a penalty and give it a warn level. All mods and admins can see warn levels only, and mods and admins determine how much warn to give. I think that penalties can include, but are not limited to (and are certainly not final) :

  • Spamming (5% Warn)
  • Flaming (10% Warn)
  • Flaming Instigator (10% original flaming + 5% instigator)
  • Smurfing (30% warn + Game Misconduct )
  • Provocative Language/Imagery (60% warn depending on severity)
  • **

Please feel free to add other penalties, comments towards warn levels and constructive criticism.

Thank you for your time.

*Game Misconduct = Account Suspension depending on severity

**All depend on severity, and on amount of infrigements and past history.

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I don't see the need for any of this right now, given the way we're opperating here, as such a well balanced, constructive and polite community, but should the need arise in the future with the (hopeful) increase in membership over the months, than I don't think this is necessarily a good idea. We're a hockey forum through and through, but keeping the peace here and enforcing appropriate behavior isn't something we should take lightly if the need arises. There are a lot of clowns who like to post on message boards that enjoy aggrivating people. Assinging them 'penalties' in the form of warning and possible suspension actually seems to me to be the type of thing that might push them to be an even bigger nuissance. I like the way we're keeping nearly everything here hockey themed, but this is one thing I think we should leave alone. Should we ever need to discipline someone, it should quite simply be - you've been warned. That behavior isn't going to be acceptable here, and now the mod's and admins are keeping an eye on you. If we feel you step out of line again, your account, and IP, may be banned from these forums.

That's just my view. I don't make decisions here, so I'll leave it up to everyone else. I do appreciate the creativity it took to come up with that though, Leafs.

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