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Updated Size Thread


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::: Disclaimer :::

I know there`s atleast two "recent" size-threads below, but I feel that my question never got answered properly, probably because I wasn`t too accurate when asking.

(http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=1105) & (http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=1088)

As I don`t have either a local store to try the authentics on, or previously owned a CCM jersey, I lack something to compare with. Actually, there`s no store in Norway at all who sells authentic NHL jerseys for what I know :unsure: Before i decide to put down 300 $ for customization + another 35 % of that again for the taxes and customs-fees, I`d like to be 100 % sure.

::: Disclaimer :::

Like mentioned earlier, I think something equivalent of a size L would be the best fit, and Lafountain informed that a 50 and 52 in authentics is a good match to that.

The shop.nhl.com site however lists 52 and 54 as the equivalent of a size L (in premier jerseys). If I decide to take a chance on 52, will I risk getting a too large jersey, not very suited for casual use? This might be unrealistic of me to assume, as the EDGE jerseys in general arent too big.

Alot of assumptions and loose threads I guess, but I guess the main question is what size I should aim for if my preferences are;

- not too tight / too loose (yeah, I know..)

- suited for casual wear (i.e with jeans and such)

Hope I didnt irritate anyone by making another thread, It would be alot easier if I ordered a premier one :skaterred: (not happening this time though)


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