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Anyone want to lend some expertise for my logo?

Felonius Monkey

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I'm the head of a new spring team in Pennsauken, NJ. I've decided to go all-out with the jerseys. The team is called The Paper Street Soap Company, which, for those who don't know, is a reference to the movie Fight Club. I wish I were more graphically and artistically inclined, as I love this movie, and I think there are a lot of great options for the logo. Specifically, I was thinking I could do something with the bar of soap that has "FIGHT CLUB" etched into it (seen on many of the DVD covers and movie posters).

Another problem is that I'm not sure what looks good on a jersey. Even if I had a friend do it up in Photoshop, I'm not sure it would transfer so well-- especially since the color palette is limited, and subtle shading and effects will not be seen.

I've seen some extremely talented work on this board, and I was hoping some of you might be able to throw out a few designs or ideas for me. If you want to combine it with a certain jersey template, that'd be even better. Please keep the design to 4 colors max, and bear in mind that it will not be a stitched/embroidered logo.

I don't have too much to reward you with. But I think it would be cool if you put your initials somewhere on the logo. Whomever's design I pick will get a sweet Cerwin-Vega Re-6C center-channel speaker that I was going to put on eBay, and all the glory of seeing 17 guys you'll never meet wearing your design, once I post that pic.

I hope some of you can help me out. Thanks for reading.

-Bret in Philly

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Here's something just quick and dirty:


AWESOME!! "Quick and dirty" for you equals painstakingly time-consuming for me. The happy faces on the shoulders are a great touch... but unfortunately I don't think the rest of the team will spring for the extra $.

As much as I like the design, it'll be a hard sell getting people to wear something with New Jersey depicted on it. Instead of NJ in the background, can you sub-impose a silhouette of a hockey player having just taken a slapshot? So it'll look like he just fired the bar of soap?


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Crimson did an awesome job on our logo design. He also turned down the "prize" I was offering, and suggested I post it up on eBay and donate the sale amount to charity... which I will definitely do.

Thanks Crimson!



Looks great but you should realize it's probably infringing on some copyright, so if you're going to be an official team (albeit just a spring team) there is probably no way you can use that logo. Who knows the name might even have copyrights on it ... Then again the chances of you guys getting in trouble for it are slim and since you seem to be printing/ pressing it on yourself no one can turn you down :D . G'luck :thumbsup: .

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