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where to order from and need help with jersey size


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So I'm looking to get a RBK Edge Authentic Jersey and one of those avalanche practice jerseys, they look sweet. I was going to order it from NHLSHOP but I was looking around threads and what not only to find out that I should stay away from them. I found this place (IceJerseys) by a search engine and it seems from the threads here, this place is the best really.

As for jersey size, I'm not sure. It's either 50, 52 or 54. I have a 44" chest, I'm 5'10, 210 .lbs. Keep in mind that I'm currently exercising to get in better shape and my goal is to drop to about 180 .lbs roughly. To help you further, I have an authentic Tony Romo and Brett Favre jersey, both are size 52 (XL for NFL) and are slightly to big for me, size 50 wouldve been perfect at this moment. I got size 52 at the time because I was slightly bigger and it fitted me a lot better for my size at the time.


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the 52s are a bit snug for me and I'm like, 5'9 140 with a 18-19 chest tops. So you'll definitely want at least a 54

My advice would be to go into a store and try them on to see which is best :P

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Like Gawd says, if you can go and try them on that's best. I'm 5'11" 175ish and the 52 I've got I'd say is a bit big for me, it's good on the chest and shoulders, but the arms and length are probably a bit more than I'd like. I was actually thinking my next one'd be a 50. Guess it depends how you like your jerseys to fit.

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