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2 Montreal Players Arrested in Tampa, FL

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Here's the story

Ryan David O'Bryne for felony grand theft, for supposedly stealing a purse and cellphone and Thomas Kostopoulos for resisting arrest without violence. The news report is pretty sketchy, and there's gotta be more here. When you're making close to 1 million, this seems unnecessary and very unbecoming of a hockey player. I'm reserving judgment until more comes out. I hadn't seen anything mentioned either on nhl.com or here, so I thought I'd bring it up. I won't be dispariging until I know the full story, if I ever find it out. Finding hockey news down here is like pulling teeth!

Although, I was tempted to bring a sign to the game against Montreal tomorrow with a picture of a purse on it and the caption, "Don't snatch me, bro!"

I'm classier than that. :thumbsup:

Quick edit: They just interviewed both players on the local news. O'Bryne called it an "incident" and said it was "unfortunate". Kostopoulos said it won't affect their play in the game tomorrow. Neither denied any wrongdoing. Apparently the purse was missing 20 bucks and they were using the cell phone when approached by the police. Seems less and less like a misunderstanding. Maybe I will bring that sign.

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