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My two newest creations


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Here are my two latest fantasy/home made jerseys.

I got both of the jerseys blank from icejerseys.com and then bought the crests off of ebay.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten the Bruins crest so quickly. I was thinking my only option would be a not-quite-right and smaller than I'd like (3" x 8") one from the Willabee and Ward NHL Patch collection. I did that before with my 1904-05 Senators, but the smaller size of that one worked fine for that project.


The one I got is a full 12" across and 8" high, made of felt with better colors and lettering. All I can think of is that it must have been made for one of the CCM Heritage acrylic sweaters you occasionally see. I'm going to have it customized with Eddie Shore's #2 on the back in brown trimmed in gold.


The second one is a 92-93 Hartford Whalers that will be a Michael Nylander #36 with the Stanley Cup Centennial patch. This is part of my project to find a #36 jersey to add to my collection, giving me all the numbers from 1-40. The choice of Nylander also lets me add a 90's style Whalers to my collection, which I did not have before.


You have probably seen Uviok's jerseys on ebay that are pretty much the same thing. I did notice that technically, he's using Whalers crests with a blue outline on a blue jersey, but the crests outlined in blue were only for the white home jerseys. I had my choice of embroidered or twill crests with no blue outline and went with the twill since they were larger in size, 9.5 x 9, vs. 8.5 x 8 or even 7.5 x 7, which would really start to look abnormally small.

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That Bruins jersey is gorgeous. That should be a third jersey in the future; especially since they've gone back to using that patch on the shoulder. I also love the fact that you're using Nylander on the Whalers jersey. I wanted to put him on the back on my '93 authentic too but I think the pull of Zarley Zalapski is just too much to pass up.



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I want to get a JS Giguere Whalers jersey

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