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Rip offs and Regrettables

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We got a Deals and Steals page, 
And a lot of times I've seen posts of people spending WAAAY too much on junk, 
Do we need a Rip Off thread? Has this already been covered? 
Just bored and there hasn't been much chatter on the boards. 
I'm guessing this thread could become more active now that the US Government dropped $600 in everyone's account this morning.  

This one for instance, not only did this buyer get Ripped Off based on how beat this jersey is, but there were a few bidders willing to blow over $300 on this 


Or this one I bid on for no apparent reason and won, Regrettable....


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Great idea for a thread, Bobby. 👍

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19 minutes ago, Hockey Bob said:

Especially for a fake! I get that fake jerseys are reality today, but ffs, if they just sell them for $50 cause they know what they are, I'll generally leave them alone lol.

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Regrettables?  I'm pretty sure "Buyers Remorse" is my middle name.

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