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Swift Vs the Edge


Swift Vs the Edge  

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  1. 1. Do you feel the NHL went in the right direction in choosing the Edge System over the Swift System?

    • yes
    • no
    • doesnt make a difference

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From Nike:

The Swift Advantage

Aerodynamics in hockey? It's a genuine revolution.

There are those who call hockey the fastest game on earth. Unlike any time

in hockey's history, the action on the ice is faster and quicker, with

blinding speeds and unfathomable power. With pucks traveling at 100 miles per

hour, and players slicing the ice at 20 mph, demands on player performance

have never been greater. And that goes double for apparel.

Without sacrificing an ounce of heritage, and passing rigid International

Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) standards, the Nike Swift Hockey Jersey and Sock

reduces overall weight, adds increased mobility and comfort while making the

jersey aerodynamically the most advanced in the world.

Overcoming Air Resistance

While 25 percent of a hockey athlete's energy is spent fighting the

friction of the ice, 75 percent of his or her energy is spent overcoming air

resistance. Unheard of in the world of hockey, rigorous wind-tunnel testing

has shown that the Nike Swift Jersey -- with its advanced design,

hockey-specific articulation and fit, reduced weight, and innovative materials

-- provides nearly a 20-inch advantage over a 50-yard sprint, delivering

nearly 15 percent reduction in aerodynamic drag compared to standard hockey

jerseys. That's a big break-away advantage for today's up-tempo game.

Thermoregulation and Weight Reduction

The Swift Hockey Jersey and Sock help increase player efficiency by paying

particular attention to thermoregulation and weight reduction. Strategic mesh

venting is located at gaps in the under protection, allowing air to flow

directly to the body, increasing evaporative cooling and comfort.

Through perspiration, a hockey player can lose up to one kilogram of body

weight per period. Using lighter weight, less absorbent materials integrated

strategically into the jersey and sock design, the uniform takes on far less

moisture than traditional products, staying lighter throughout the game.

Overall, the Swift Hockey Jersey has reduced average dry weight by

approximately two and a half pucks' worth, saving 230 lbs. in lifted weight

per game for a typical forward.

The Swift Sock weight offers a 40 percent weight reduction compared to a

standard hockey sock, with a combined jersey-and-sock reduction of 33 percent

in overall kit weight. Less weight equals more speed. The articulated fit is

snugger and more streamlined, reducing bulk and requiring less or no taping.

Mobility, Fit and Comfort

For mobility, the Swift Hockey Jersey features optimal material

integration, hockey-specific articulation for greater freedom of movement, and

zoned stabilization in the forearms and elbows, for example, for protective

equipment control. The jersey's snug, streamlined fit helps defeat a

defender's jersey-grabbing grip, but with underarm stretch material, for great

freedom of movement. The position-specific goalie jersey incorporates more

durable fabrics across the entire face of the jersey, and is cut larger to

accommodate goalie pads.

In the heat of battle, players want to think only about playing

performance, and not uniform hindrance. To that end, the Swift Jersey features

a waist Lockdown Gasket System that helps keep the jersey conveniently and

efficiently in place.



Can anyone truly tell me the difference?


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I voted it doesn't make a difference because I don't like the design on either of the jerseys (I could care less about the whole 9% faster things). RBK might look better than the swift generally but the end designs on the jerseys have been pretty much terrible. I am now patiently waiting for a return to the old "sweaters".

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The biggest difference I can tell is that during the Olympics I am pretty sure players weren't complaining about sweat puddling up in their gloves and skates as some are now.

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