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Most Fav/Hated Commentator?


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Well we all have our favs and ones we hate. So who makes you feel like you are in the game and who is the idiot who won't shut up.

For me I've always like Craig Cuthbert, I wish he didn't go to TSN and do CFL.

The guy I can't stand is Jim Hughson, annoying.

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Not for nothing, but the Sabres announcer's voice pisses me off a tad.

Which one? RJ? He's so charismatic. I find all of their voices becoming grating over time, but RJ has a lot of character. I've already stated though - I tend to mute the game because I can't stand the overwhelming majority of commentators.

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I've always at a soft spot for Doc Emrick. Not only is he the voice of the Devils, but the kindest man you'll meet at the rink. Every broadcaster should be like him. You name something he's done, he'll tell you about it and give you an interesting story to go with it.

For example, before the first Devils-Flyers game of the year I went over to the booth and started up a conversation. I mentioned to him a video on YouTube of he and Bill Clement calling a Capitals-Islanders playoff game in the late 80's on ESPN. It had gotten into the second overtime and Clement was wearing his tie over his head and had started doing impressions of John Wayne and Boom Boom Geoffrion (Really funny if you find it).

Anyway, I told him about this and he actually remembered it and said the following:

"It had gotten into the second or third overtime and we had gotten pretty punchy. Bill said that if we went to another overtime he would take his shirt off. Well, it got there, and when he came back wearing a shirt. I said, 'You got some phone calls didn't you' and he said 'Yep'".

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Whose the guy that did (still does?) the Penguins games? That guy gets on my nerves. Pat Foley (?) who used to do Blackhawks games was really great to listen to. I like Darren Pang as well, got to meet him in Indy a few years ago, great guy.

I think Mike Lange is the Penguins announcer ('scratch my back with a hacksaw' and other gems). Darren Pang does color for the Coyotes. The son of my co-worker went to a hockey clinic recently and Pang was there. I heard nothing but good words about the Panger.

My favorite commentator of all-time is Jiggs McDonald. Curt Kielback has been the voice of the Jets and Coyotes since the franchise entered the NHL. He has a GREAT voice, but is usually a second behind on the play. I find Bob Miller and Jim Fox (Kings) annoying.

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