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Air Craft Themed Jerseys


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Hey fellas, besides collecting jerseys, another one of my hobbies is shooting photos at air shows.

A while back, I decided I'd combine the hobbies and try to find aircraft related hockey jerseys...something different.

Question I have for the group...Does anyone know of any more teams or jerseys I can hunt down thst are aircraft related?

These are the ones I have now, and yes, I have a blank Winnipeg Jets waiting to be customized.





I just landed a Pensacola Ice Pilots jersey. This isn't the style I really wanted but it'll do for now. It's hard to tell from the photos but there are sublimated F-18 fighter jets across the rear bottom of the jersey. Being out of Pensicola, the Ice Pilots incorporate the Blue Angels into their jersey designs.

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/351737840332

I'd like to find another Pensicola jersey, but one with a an aircraft logo on the front. They are super hard to find and very expensive. There's a game worn on ebay but it's $750...I like jets, but not THAT much...lol.

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Dude, you'll make ANYTHING into a sub-collection..,

Tee hee!

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I grew up near a military air base (mostly F16s were stationed there) and I love fighter jets as well.

This my Aeros gamer, great jersey!


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I realized that I never posted this FHLer to the 'it arrived thread' when I picked it up last year. This one's a favorite since 1) It goes back to the FHL's first season in 2010-11 and 2) His last name... Best band ever.fxAiD5zl.jpg

Before I even read what you posted, I looked at the jersey, related that to "aircraft themed jerseys", and YYZ already starting running through my head.

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I've seen those Aviators jerseys pop up from time to time but never triggered one.

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2 minutes ago, greyraven8 said:

Be a b**** to find one but there is the Thunder Bay Bombers (2005 Allan Cup winners)




I really appreciate the heads up...thanks very much. 

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