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Nameplate problems.....!


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My avalanche 2001 authentic jersey still have to go without a correct nameplate, the one that shop.nhl put on it was too straight, the letters did not have enough curve on then.

And now i got a new kit from 20west.com.........and guess what.........IT´S THE SAME AGAIN!........the letters don´t have enogh curve!

And they won´t answer my e-mail, where i even included this picture of how it should be!...... :fight:





This is how it should be! :fight:

Try to contact triplethreatsports.com. There you don't have to buy the whole lettering kit and you get the names sewn on jersey material nameplates. Just tell them you don't want any heat fix backing on the nameplate otherwise it will be pretty stiff

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Holy crap victim, i had forgot about those problems i had back then......then BANG.....you rub it in my face again..... :lol:

Does anyone know what kind of nameplate material the Flyers are using on their current 3rd jersey?

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