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3 Hawks Jerseys for sale


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I have 3 for sale, the Roenick & Chelios are CCM ultrafil and the Seabs is a 6100 air knit. If you want all 3 I will move all 3 for $1050 shipped otherwise I'm not too interested in talking deals. I'm not interested in trade, prices are fairly firm I know what I've been offered in the past and what I can get for them. They are cross posted in numerous locations. I'm in no hurry to move them! Let me know if you have any questions!

Seabs is sold

Barberpole is sold

Chelios is pending payment

Roenick Barberpole size 50, Roenick signed the 7 on the jersey which is not reflected in the picture since it was taken before I had him sign it however I did include pictures of it signed and can show a picture of the signing if you really need it SOLD




Chelios White size 52, signed on the front by Chris but since I'm not the original owner I can't verify it's authenticity other than it looks like every Chelios sig I've seen. If you don't like the signature on the jersey there are plenty of directions around here on how to successfully remove them. $500 shipped



Seabrook Reebok 6100 with a Katrina Cares patch size 52 $225 shipped: SOLD



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