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What's everyone around's opinion of VERSUS and NBC?

I know I'm gonna get some negatives, so hear are some positives and negs from my point of view:


-Better broadcasting talent. Emrick and Reaugh are tops, and the people they've hired this year (John Forslund, John Ahlers, Dave Strader) are solid.

-Clement. Say what you will, but he's getting to the Ernie Johnson/James Brown level of un-hip dependability. And we need that more than John Buccigross', while sometimes funny, self-indulgent shtick.

-Graphics. Love the Versus graphics and telestrator.

-Intermissions and postgames that are all hockey.

-The playoff coverage.


-Eddie Olczyk. There. I said it.

-Still no nightly highlight show.

-Inability to pick up big games outside of Mon/Tue. (You know ESPN2 would've at least aired ATL-BUF tonite).

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Versus and MSG are all I get so I can't complain. I also can't tell you how often the guys on Versus are completely off-topic, missing the actual action while they talk about ridiculous, irrelevant things. Still... can't complain. I just enjoy seeing some hockey.

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Nice new section and threads Wolf.

My biggest complaint about the media-side is the lack of coverage on SportsCenter and also the lack of a nightly Hockey show to see what happened during the day.

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I noticed Darren Pang's name isn't listed on either the Versus or the NBC thread? Is he doing television anywhere for any team or network?

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Oops sorry Wolf, started a thread like this in the 'NHL' section. Anyway, does anyone know what happened to the rumors that Hockey Night in Canada was being purchased by Bell Globemedia, and CBC not being able to fork up that kind of money to keep it?

Seems like nothing has happened yet.

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