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Does anyone know how to fix a burn hole?

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I bought a jersey on the really cheap side to find out when I got it, it had a cigarette burn hole in it on the lower right side below the crest. I thought about sewing it up like they do for team fixes, but does anyone have another way? It's a Florida Panthers Starter jersey therefore it's not the cornerstone of my collection, but it's still part of it.

With all that being said, does anyone know how teams fix holes? Do they apply fabric then sew it on or do they just build up the thread with a cross over pattern (weave)?

As usual, thanks in advance.

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I bought a jersey with a cigarette burn that I knew about up front but like you said, it was cheap.

I saw this stuff and bought it. It just arrived today and I plan on giving it a shot over the weekend.

I will let you know, I'm betting it wont be great but it's gotta be better than a cig hole.

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That is super cool. Thanks for sharing and please share your results.

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Sorry for the delay, it's been a mess around here and I didn't want to race through and mess up 2 jerseys.

Probably want to practice on a junk jersey 1st time around but from a distance you could never tell, it probably wouldn't pass if you wanted to list a jersey as like new but I am really impressed with the outcome.

I followed the instructions starting at the 1.34 mark of the video exactly and I just used wax paper. (no idea what "pressing paper" is) I really feel this saved the jersey I had.

The burns on mine were around the waist in the black ring of a Hawks jersey I picked up cheap off of eBay.

Being black I bet it helped mask it but as long as you are using the same color material I am betting it will resolve your hole.

*one thing I did that I don't think they mentioned was to cut around the burn to remove the fabric that melted and hardened.

Overall happy and if someone else that is able to give it a shot that can post pics I bet this would be a great HOW TO link that should be pinned.

(sorry I can't post pics but if you PM me I can shoot you some shots via e-mail)

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Sweet. I'd really like to save this jersey as it is an actual team issued Starter. I have some retail Panthers jerseys that I can cut up to get the fibers out of. I'll have to try this experimenting along the way on other jerseys that are cheapo's that I'll never do anything with.

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