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NHL official press release: Adidas to take over jerseys

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From what I have heard top flight teams are issued 100-150 shirts a season. The players who swap more, tend to get issued more shirts. I think after the 200 have been used up they then have to buy more from the supplier.




Americans own Man Utd

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Yeah teams are issued quite a few shorts over the course of a season.  Plus different shirts for european competitions (there are different rules around shirts worn in european competitions vs domestic) and other matches like friendlies and the like

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On 2/6/2017 at 4:04 PM, TheBZ said:

So is this the type of thing we'll be seeing in the NHL? *to clarify, I'm referring to the patch material & application method.


If that were the case nobody's logos or numbers would survive one game. That application style works for soccer because it's not a contact sport (please don't start a debate about tackling, you know what I mean). With all the jostling, grabbing, hooking, slashing et al that goes on in each and every pro hockey game (not to mention what goalies go through) I just don't see a way heat-pressed graphics would be feasible. I've seen fans wearing soccer jerseys with peeling numbers for crying out loud.

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That's true about durability, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some pressed-only elements to the new jerseys.  They did it on the white USA jerseys for the World Cup.  The inner edge of the navy USA outline isn't stitched down.  IIRC, the reflective portion on the 2016 All-Star jersey numbers wasn't stitched on the inner edge, either.

Maybe we'll only see it on limited use jerseys, but it's out there already. 


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Jesus Christ can we maybe keep hockey jersey collecting as one of the few last safe havens from bulls*** political nonsense?

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