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ducks24's Sale Thread!


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Looking to unload a few jerseys, Will try and add to this thread as I find more jerseys that are packed away.

All prices include shipping within North America, everywhere else please inquire.


These "Rookie" jerseys came from a Trading Card company that originally acquired them from the league. They are what the players wear during photo shoots generally during the draft or shortly after to be used for the upcoming players rookie year with their hockey cards.

To find these uncut is definitely rare and a cool looking jersey.

2007 NHL Rookie Anaheim Ducks Size 54 (1.0) $100



2007 NHL Rookie Washington Capitals Size 54 (1.0) $100



2006 NHL Rookie Boston Bruins Size 52 $100



Dany Heatley Atlanta Thrashers Koho Size 56 (Autographed w/COA) $85



Markus Peintner Team Austria Game Worn Jersey (Autographed by Team) $100



Let me know if you have any questions at all, thanks!

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What's the story on the 2007 Rookie jerseys? Did those teams play in some kind of tournament or something that they wore jerseys like that, or was it just a customization choice?

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They were to be used or were used as "photoshoot" jerseys for the players upcoming year in hockey cards for memorabilia cards.

I believe they originally came from the NHLPA who got them lettered up.

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