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Tutorial on Jersey Terminology

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Counting on you experts to give a tutorial on jersey terminology. I'm not a jersey newbie as I have been collecting for a while now and I understand the basic model name of jerseys such as 6100, Edge, Swift and such but I have to admit that I'm intimidated when I read posts containing certain terms as I'm not sure what they mean. I'm wondering if you all would be kind enough to help put together a glossary or some sort, and perhaps provide pictures?

  1. Air knit - does this refer to the Koho/CCM/Reebok 6100 jersey material?
  2. Layered
  3. Reverse kiss cut

Or more specifically, what specifics should I be including when I ask for the proper customization of the following?

Team Canada Nike 2006 Replica

Team Canada Nike 2010 Olympics Authentic

Team Canada Nike 2014 Olympics Authentic

Team Canada Nike 2008 World Championship

I'm looking to make them all Toews.

Thanks in advance!!

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1. Yes, it's the material with all the little holes in it as shown here;


this is ultrafil - no holes


this is Nike/SP/Pro Player flo-knit - holes like air-knit but different pattern


this is edge 1.0 xtrafil or whatever they call it


2. Layered is exactly how it sounds - also referred to as stacked.


3 layers, white on the bottom blue layer "stacked" on top and another white layer "stacked" on top of that.

3. Basically instead of stacking the layers you will have the top layer put down first and thin outlines of the other layers placed on top to give the appearance of stacked twill.


You can see the blue layer is on the bottom and a thin white outline is placed on top of it to make it look like it's three layers stacked on top of each other. The picture is only two colours so only on outline layers is used, if it was three colours there would be two outline layers.

In regards to asking for proper customization. All you can really do is send in a picture of what you want and ask that it be matched. Also specify what type of nameplate you want and if you want layered or kiss cut customization. Any request outside of that scope will probably be ignored.

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