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Milwaukee admirals new jerseys

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I am trying to find the older style Milwaukee Admirals jersey; the one with just the skull and hat. My wife plays for the Milwaukee Lady Admirals and they are going to nationals next month in Minneapolis. I would like to get a jersey to wear when I go to her games. I only collect authentic (NHL mainly) and cannot find this jersey anywhere. I would like the black one, however, any color would work at this point. Size 54 or 56.

Anyone looking to unload one I could buy? If not, could you point me in the direction where I could purchase one.


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If you're willing to wait until sometime in May, and make the trip up to Milwaukee from northern Illinois, the Ads have a garage sale every year at the Bradley Center in downtown. Usually a two-day event, on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Pro stock equipment is usually picked over very quickly, but game worn and authentic jerseys are typically untouched. Authentic jerseys usually run about $200, gamers more.

No guarantees that they'll have old style stuff this year, but it's certainly a possibility. The team may even have a good idea of inventory right around that time. There were many authentics left over when I bought mine.

Just keep an eye out - unless they go deep in the playoffs, it's usually late May, early June.

If you want a past-style gamer, they're here: https://squareup.com/market/mkeadmirals

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Awesome. Thank you. That will work.

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