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CCM Tags on Replica Jerseys


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Other than the years, which would be? What are the differences in the jersey itself?

CCM Tag 1:


CCM Tag 2:


CCM Tag 3:


For some reason I've started collecting the jersey with the bottom tag and the small team crest next to the CCM on the tail. I don't know why, I just like them for some reason.

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As far as I know, Tag 1 and Tag 2 were both used during the very late 1990's, perhaps from around 1998-2000. Tag 2 is quite common in the neck, but it was not always used simultaneously with hem Tag 1; sometimes jerseys with Tag 2 in the neck had triple block CCM hem logos instead. I've seen a few Tag 1's that had a screened red/white/blue CCM logo underneath.

Tag 3 was used from the mid-to-late 1990's, maybe 1995-1998 or so. These usually had the triple-block CCM logo with the team logo next to it.

Jerseys with these tags were similar in quality, as they were all used during a relatively short 5 year period.

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It seems like they were all the same quality and construction. Always wondered why they were so inconsistent with tagging.

One thing I've noticed, and I'm very picky about things, is the ice rink tag either has the small team crest on the tail next to the embroidered CCM or it has a smaller CCM with no team crest. I'm assuming the no crest is a transitional jersey prior to the new tag?

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