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How to Remove Wrinkles Safely

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I have a Maska Air-Knit jersey, predominatly white, that has some wrinkles near the bottom that I am trying to get rid of.

Thus far, I tried hanging it on the towel rack while taking a shower, and washing, then air-drying it on a drying rack. Neither have worked.

The tag says not to iron, nor to dry-clean, so I do not know if using a steamer like one of these would be acceptable.

Thanks for your help.

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Using an iron with lots of steam is perfectly fine for airknit. If you want to play it more safe, put a t-shirt or something over the jersey so it won't get scorched. Avoid putting the iron over any heat-pressed brand logo (e.g., CCM) on the hem, if there is one.

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I always put a towel over it and it does fine. As I said in another thread, I find the twill decorations to be easier to iron if you do it straight out of the wash while it's still damp. This would likely be true of the Airknit also.

Just remember those are synthetic fibers you are doing. Too much heat or too long in one place and you will not be happy.

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