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Nike Swift Slovakia - help with identification


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Hello All,

I'm collector from Slovakia and I would need your help with jersey identification. Is there any chance to recognize if it's game worn or game issued or authentic? I have bought it for app.50USD from boy who is not interested in hockey and jerseys.

What I know about this jersey:

1. based on Skoda patch font it's jersey from 2009 or 2010 World Championships

2. Originally it was bought in charity auction on Golf tournament organised by Peter Bondra

So here are some photos.



I'm not sure how many photos I can post here. Please see more photos here on my website:


I will be glad for any informations...Thanks.

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Very legit. Hard to tell if gsme issued but it certainly has all the traits of one. For 50 dollars that's excellent . Ask on the iihf jerseys group on facebook for more info

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What ever it is, that's a great bargain. Congrats!

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Are those "Skoda" patches screen printed on twill? Or are they stitched on? (talking about the black letters, not the actual patch itself)
Would love to get my hands on some Zepter ones, but I always thought they were stitched on

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Oh I see, thanks a lot for the picture! That's a sick jersey at a sick price

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