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Altering an Edge jersey

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Hi, all. I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to attempt altering the size of an Indo Edge jersey I just got.

A 46 is pretty much the only size I can wear, and even that is still slightly big on me. But when I saw a size 50 Indo Edge for a pretty good price, I decided to take the chance. Unfortunately, the jersey ended up being a lot bigger on me than I expected. Of course, I can still wear it just fine as it is, but I end up looking a little awkward with a tent over me :P So is it possible for me to alter it to be smaller, or should I just play it safe and leave it as it is?

If I can alter it, does anyone have any idea on how I would go about doing it? I'm guessing if it was something that was okay to do, I would have to fold in some of the material at the side seams and sleeves. And no, I do not plan on reselling my jersey in the future, so a resale value is of no issue.

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