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Re: customizing an Avs jersey

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How significant of a difference am I looking at if (keeping in mind that I still haven't won the auction for the jersey yet) I send a replica Avs jersey to EPS vs. Denver Athletic?

Since it's a replica, I'm not aiming for perfect authenticity, but I've read a few comments here and there that suggest I shouldn't bother with anyone other than Denver Athletic w/r/t Avs customization.

Also, if I go with them, what payment options do they accept? A huge bonus in EPS' favor is their credit card options.

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It's not. It's a 2001 CCM replica that I'm planning to have customized as a Bourque jersey. Sorry that I can't afford to buy anything other than replicas at this time. I don't feel like dropping several hundred dollars on anything other than Blackhawks jerseys.

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