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HELP...trying to be a good wife :)

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Hello all...I'm not a die hard hockey fan BUT my husband is...while the Flyers are his first love, the Gwinnett Gladiators have filled a hockey puck sized void in his heart! SO for christmas this year I was hoping to get him the Gladiators throwback jersey...it's the one that looks like the old Atlanta Knights jersey but has the gladiators name on it. I've looked everywhere BUT have had no luck!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me make his christmas PERFECT and point me in the right direction!

Thanks so much!


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I quickly checked all the usual suspects (team store, ECHL store, River City Sports ) and found nothing, not even regular jerseys. At this point your best bet may be to contact the team directly.

Good luck with your search, definitely a great wife for doing this for your husband,even if he's a Flyers fan (sorry couldn't help the friendly jab from a Rangers fan).

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Those were specialty jerseys worn as a benefit to cancer charities during Pink in the Rink Weekend. You would only be able to find it game-worn, if at all. MeiGray does the Gladiators but they don't have any. Other than that, you're only real recourse would be stumbling upon one by sheer luck. Not the answer you were looking for I know but that's the unfortunate truth.

What you COULD do is potentially ask Barry at the MeiGray Group if he knew of anyone who had something available. It's a long-shot but may turn something up. Also, another option would be to ask over at gameworn.net. If you were going to find it from another collector, that would be the place.

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