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ProPlayer material

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I've always thought that all ProPlayer jerseys were made of the same material, which would be a knit/ultrafil. But now I've seen in various game worn ProPlayers in their descriptions that they're made of air knit. Also, I read from some topic here, that the Avs used some type of mesh. For example, dropthepucks.com has two home Penguins jerseys from the 1999-00 season in their inventory. The other one is air knit and the other is ultrafil. To me they look the same. I have an authentic Penguins ProPlayer away jersey and you could say that the material is something between air knit and ultrafil. I tried to compare it to a game worn, but to me the material looked a bit different. So how did the ProPlayer materials go? Also, do the retail authentics' material always match that of the game worns (not counting Indo-Edges)?

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The description of the Barnaby Penguins jersey on DropthePucks is incorrect- the material is the same knit as in the Barrasso. The ProPlayer knit material has a different pattern and texture than the CCM knit material. I think most of us here refer to airknit as the material specifically used in CCM/Koho/Reebok jerseys, as all of those manufacturers are owned by the same company. The ProPlayer material is a polyester knit as well, but I would call it ProPlayer knit (or even flo-knit, which I believe is the trade name for that particular knit), to distinguish it from the CCM airknit.

Colorado's ProPlayer jerseys did use a different material, which is a nylon mesh. This was the last year they used mesh, as they switched to airknit the next year when the jerseys became exclusively CCM/Koho.

As far as I know, the Penguins ProPlayer retail authentic material should be the same as the gameworn material. If you can, post some closeup pictures of the material here and we can let you know for sure.

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