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Very rare/ unique Montreal Canadiens Jersey


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I bought this jersey when I was in Montreal, the year after the young Chris Chelios/ Stephane Richer/ Patrick Roy team lost in the 1989 Stanley Cup Finals. All of the Stanley Cup champions Canadiens teams are listed of the back, except for the 1993 team. Has some stains- I used to wear this jersey a lot around 1990, but it's been clean and in storage since around 1991. Those last two pics show the stains. The stains won't be apparent to the casual observer, but for sure, people like us will notice them when we inspect.

Size Large/ Grande. Made in Phillippines. 65% poly/ 35% cotton. This is a heavy'ish jersey- a lot heavier than the replicas and Edge practice jerseys that I have. It also does not seem to have the extra space figured into it for elbows and shoulder, if you plan to wear it on the rink (it would look funny on ice, I think). However, if you want to wear this to the rink, then this is a winner!! (If you are a Habs fan, of course).

$110 shipped to US; $110 shipped to Canada.







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if that's ink, some rubbing alcohol and a napkin should lift it right off...and some oxi clean and a gentle tooth brush should take the yellow ones off

good luck

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