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Jerseys that you wish were part of the NHL Vintage Collection


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I am a big fan of the CCM NHL Vintage Collection. Sure, they are replicas, but in many ways what you end up with is as nice or even better than what was around back in the 70s and 80s. I am sure that mesh and durene hold special places in the hearts of many but I like the air knit just fine.

However, there are a few jerseys missing from the old CCM NHL Vintage Collection. I'll pick a few, and then I bet some of you would love to add a few of your own.

I would like to mention that recently I was able to get a Kansas City Scouts replica. I think CCM started making them again, which was nice because I was able to turn one into a pretty sweet Guy Charron #7, with the help of Perani's to get the number looking right.

Now, its time to list the jerseys I wish they would make.

Anything Red Wings pre-1982


Ask any random Red Wings fan about the uniforms and they will probably think that the current one (with the slight changes to Edge, of course) is the same one worn by Red Wings since the dawn of time, and they would be wrong. Since 1984-85, both the home and away crests have had red feathers on the wing. But, prior to 1984, one crest had red feathers and one had white, something that ended up being highlighted on the Red Wings Winter Classic "throwback" at the game earlier this year. In addition, prior to 1982-83, the crest was smaller and positioned differently on the jersey, as we can see from this lovely Mickey Redmond home gamer from the 1970s.

Prior to 1971-72, the white feathers crest was on the red home jersey, and the red feathers crest was on the away white jersey. Prior to 1948-49, the wheel was bigger and more prominent in the crest, as it was in the Winter Classic jersey worn in Ann Arbor.

I'm not saying that the Wings should bust these things out on throwback night, but it would be nice if CCM made these as part of the Vintage series, instead of someone customizing a current Wings jersey with Howe #9 on the back. Howe about a replica throwback instead?

I needed a Guy Charron #8 Red Wings jersey, and in the end I found an uncrested Red Wings replica jersey here from Icejerseys and had a local sewing shop put a smaller Wings crest on it. I really didn't want to have to do that.

Montreal white jersey from the 1960s/early 1970s with the tie down


CCM already makes the red version of this jersey as part of the line. Plus, people love tie down jerseys. I don't understand why both the white and blue NY Rangers tie down jerseys from the 1990s/2000s are available but not this one.

Phoenix Coyotes 1990s


I don't have a personal reason for wanting these other than I thought they were pretty sweet even though they were unconventional.

I would love to see the team wear these on throwback night. The Ducks similarly brought back a nice design this past year for their anniversary. Perhaps we can wait a couple years for the big 20 and then these will appear again.

I want to state very clearly that if the Coyotes wear these on a throwback night, and Bissonnette is still on the team, I will buy one. With his name on it.

Black NHL All Star Jersey from 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993


I've seen the white and orange ones from the 1970s / 1980s as a part of the CCM NHL Vintage collection, but not these sweet black ones from the late 1980s / early 1990s. I need to make one into a Lafleur. Come on, dudes.

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For one, I'm sure people will say the Wild Wing and BK are ones to be added to the collection.

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I wish they would make them as authentics again like they did when they first started the line. You had the option of buying an authentic or replica. They brought out a new set about every six months I believe. I have a couple of the authentics and they are GREAT jerseys even if they aren't 100% correct because they use airknit instead of ultrafil.

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