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Stumped on elbow stitching


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Ok, so I've yet to find a decent picture, but I've noticed at least three different Red Wings this season with "WHITE" stitching on the elbows instead of RED on their gamers. I know I should take a SS, but I cant seem to find a match on the google/getty. Anyone else see this with other teams?

Also... on a side note.... It seems that every time I see the Pens goalie in their Away jersey it seems that they have no double shoulders... (http://jsunseri.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/flooree.jpg)..

maybe I'm crazy... I don't know...

EDIT - I wish I could spell my topics correctly.... =)

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That's a great pic. Doesn't look like there is double shoulders. Did the puck go in? lol

Reebok did mess up the leafs wc jerseys, first with the name being force low from the wordmark. Secondly, Reimer and bernier had two different goalie cut jerseys. Reimer's was a night gown, while bernie's was too short and the numbers were reduced in order to fit. My point is that its no longer surprising to find inconsistencies with these reebok edge jerseys.

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While watching the Pens game against the Caps, I thought I saw Fleury missing double shoulders. That just happened to cross my mind, since it was so easy to see through the players' jerseys and spot that they had them. Came here to find confirmation and found this topic. My question would be, is it only the Pens goalie cut jerseys missing the double shoulders and do they have the double elbows?

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