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Do they make team-issued t-shirts?


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From seeing locker room shots and the 24/7 documentaries, players are regularly seen wearing the 'Team hockey' shirts with their numbers on them. While cotton versions of these shirts can be found anywhere, Reebok's speedwick shirts only appear to be worn by players.

I recently picked up a Marian Hossa Stanley Cup Finals speedwik shirt that I think is pretty awesome. I've never seen these before. Where can they be found?! I wouldn't mind getting more players/sizes. The material is great to work out in.







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They were speedwick shirts or cotton shirts? If they're starting to sell them at stadiums I'm going to have to have some people on the lookout back in Chicago!!

I think this is something they just started doing. I saw a bunch of these at Comerica Park for a bunch of the Red Wings and Maple Leafs players that were done up in the Winter Classic styles.

I'll have to check out the barcodes on this shirt.

Canucks do this too. They tag them with the same barcode as the gamers except they specify the player name and number.

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LA has been doing this the since at least 2011-12. hats, shirts and hoodies. i never paided attention to it until some people started trying to find the pieces and commenting they couldn't find them for sale anywhere

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It's all part of the Reebok Center Ice Collection. The speed wick/play dry stuff is available for retail purchase. Im almost positive it is the same stuff the players wear -- it is workout gear. Im wearing a an older 07-09 NYI speedwick shirt right now.

They started to make player specific stuff for sale I think in 2012 of the popular players/teams for the SCF. I remember seeing Flyers, Blackhawks, and Bruins

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