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ValleyParade's sale thread (Pens, Ducks, etc)


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I'll start off with this M-A Fleury Koho jersey, size 48. This was detailed in a separate thread as having a cigarette smell. SInce then, it's been relocated, washed, aired out in the clean, fresh Berkshire breeze, and no longer has a detectable odor to it.

As you can see in the last picture, every layer of the numbers and nameplate (twill plate) have been stitched directly to the sweater. Might be a pain if you wanted to strip it down.

Asking $205 shipped (US) or best offer. Anything I get for this one is going to the girlfriend's student loans and/or camera equipment to help launch her business. Buy 'til it hurts!




Next up is a CCM replica Ducks alternate from the late 90s. Unlike the Starter and Nike jerseys of the time, this has a slightly different collar shape, and is missing the metallic accents and side panelling.

Size XXL, though the sleeves are short compared to other CCM replicas that I have.

Asking $35 shipped.




All Star jersey is SOLD.

And lastly, an NHL 2000 patch, in eggplant. Works for any Ducks jersey of the era (eggplant, jade, white alt).

Did I buy this at the same time as the above Ducks jersey, forgetting they stopped wearing the jade alts before 99-00? Dang right I did. You can avoid making that same mistake for $7 shipped.


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Bump time. All Star jersey is sold, you know you want to buy the Fleury!

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