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Players should sign the jerseys before wearing them...would make photomatching sooo much easier.

LOL I was going to make the same joke.

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. Im going to hopefully watch the 94 finals vids

Take a good long look at the Cup in MSG b/c God knows when we'll see it on that ice surface again. (Note I did not say the Rangers would be the recipients of it)

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Im going to hopefully watch the 94 finals vids thanks to Slim which may be conclusive for the finals.

I also threw on some extra docs to fill up the space on the disc (sent a bluray), including Boys on The Bus ('86-87 Oilers Season) and the Boys are Back ('88-89 Season).

Just re-watched both as a result too - sooo cool.

It's 24/7 before 24/7, and they include a few clips with equipment staff, as well as the seamstresses and jersey materials/alterations. Small bits, but still there, giving you the behind the scenes. There's one particular shot where one of the equipment managers is consulting the seamstress on the location of the Captain's 'C' to slap on Messier's new jerseys after Weiner Wayne's departure, and you can see rolls and rolls of materials and thread on shelves in the background...never thought I'd get so horny watching vids of sewing materials, lol.

Wish they'd made more docs like those for other teams.


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