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DropkickMurphy8's FS/FT Thread


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EDIT: Fixed broken link to pictures

Alright, I admittedly don't have anything too interesting here given that most people on this site aren't interested in replicas, but I've decided to move some stuff I can no longer wear thanks to losing half a person. All of these are on eBay and are probably overpriced, but I'm honestly not trying to turn a profit on any of these, just looking to recover most of my costs. Pics for everything can be seen here: public.fotki.com/DropkickMurphy915/for-saletrade/

New York Rangers KOHO Liberty alternate, size XL NWT: Paid $40 for it, $50 shipped anywhere in the US takes it. (currently on eBay for $50 + shipping) SOLD ON EBAY

Authentic New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush away (white) size 54, NWOT. Bought it with tags, took them off and never wore the jersey. Got it on clearance from a local sporting goods store for $40, so also $50 shipped anywhere in the US. (listed on eBay for more because of fees)

New York Yankees home replicas: Posada (20) and Sabathia (52) size XL and NWT. I think I got these off a guy on the original JC for $20 each. $25 shipped. Both sold on eBay

This last one is the most overpriced, but it also cost me the most between the jersey itself, kit and patch plus having it lettered: New York Rangers Pro Player Adam Graves Liberty size XL with "C" and NHL2000 patch. I hate to part with this one, but I put it on the other day and even over a hoodie, it looks ridiculous and I'd be embarrassed to wear it out of the house. I *believe* my final costs were around $130, and in the interest of full disclosure, I currently have it listed on eBay for $150 + shipping and have received an offer for $120 plus shipping that I haven't made a decision on yet (judging by the guy's transaction history, I have a feeling he's going to shred it and make jersey cards out of it for whatever reason and would rather it go to someone who's going to enjoy it). $130 shipped anywhere in the US. Customization was done by Mike (Brilliant! on here for anyone who doesn't know him by name) SOLD ON EBAY

Bush jersey is the only thing left. Need to get rid of it.

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Graves and Sabathia both sold on eBay. Edit: Willing to trade the Reggie Bush jersey for another Saints jersey in size 48. I'll take pretty much any recognizable player.

KOHO Liberty also sold on eBay.

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