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Did the Blackhawks use nameplates in 1991-1992


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I'm having an ultrafil with the 75th anniversary patch customized, and was wondering the Blackhawks used nameplates on those jerseys or not? Thanks!

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Yes, they did.

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I know it's probably less work for (anyone) to start a thead here and simply ask people who already know, but I can't believe how many threads get started with a simple yes or no question that could easily be answered by doing a simple Google search.

I'm not trying to rag on you, KG, as this happens quite often (ex - not now trying to rag on mfitz either) - someone asks a question that is easily answered if they just put a minimal amount of effort in, and another member does the search for them (even if they already know the answer), so they can link them to one, if not several game worn auction sites and listings

For everyone out there who doesn't know, as an example, all you have to do it type in "1991-92 game worn canadiens jersey", then click on images and you'll see a bevy of jerseys pop up.

We'd probably have a lot less clutter/dead threads around here if people took a bit of time to do the research themselves.

Before anyone jumps down my throat and tells me they're tired of seeing my 'hollier than though' attitude, I'm really not trying to come off as such - I'd just like to promote folks to try and learn on their own, as well as promote the knowledge that they gain along the way...it's that whole teach a man to fish action jackson.

That said, I get that folks aren't as experienced in the hobby as others, and obviously some examples are much more rare and harder to find, but I would definitely like to see less obvious/easily found questions being asked if possible.

Then we'd see more threads to the effect of - "While searching to find out if the Hawks wore plates in '91-92, I discovered some anomalies out there, and a few gamers that didn't have plates for some reason, and it seems it's only on jerseys where the 75th patch is placed closer to the shoulder line...I tried to find out more, but not much out there. Anyone know; did the Hawks wear one set sans plates or something?"

At least that way we'd get an actual discussion going, and potentially learn some new info that could/would be beneficial to all.

Ok, rant over - just really tired of seeing these simple question, single answer dead threads keep popping up.

No, wait, let's keep this rant going since I'm on the subject - I wholeheartedly encourage all members to share/start new threads if/when they discover crazy anomalies or really rare or strange occurences in the hobby (with pics of course) 'cause some of the information you guys all have stored in your jersey brains is awesome and some of the discussions we have on here are pretty great at times.

I should also thank those members, and there are a few of you that I notice who do it consistently (looking up :rolleyes: ), who take the time to search/provide examples to answer people's questions - cudos!

Guam, I'm not looking at you...but you can keep on posting if for nothing other than to make me laugh.

Ok, now I'm done...now let's all sing along -


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