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Plymouth Whalers


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Hello everyone and Happy Holidays to you all...!!!

I am in the market for a current-this years-Plymouth Whalers jersey...I would take either a home or road or an alternate if they wear it...I am looking to get the jersey and make it into #21 Ryan Hartman who is the Hawks top pick...

It MUST be an authentic...or a game issued...or a game worn....any size up to 56...but the lower the better....

I have tried the Whalers official site but for the past few weeks it gets stuck when you click on the link to their merchandise...I may try and call them tomorrow to see if I can reach the pro shop they have...

But in the mean time any help would be appreciated...

P.S.-I did find 3 gamers on fee bay and messaged the guy for info....so if you see them-I have already tried to get info...

Thanks everyone...!!!!

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It looks like the only merch. link on their site leads to their auctions (which do freeze up).

I've had it load, then go to the crash message.

If I get any other results today I will let you know.

Goodluck with eBay!

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I haven't been down to the Compuware Sports Arena in a while, but I do know that the last time I was there, the pro shop at the arena which doubles as the Whalers merchandise store sold authentic as well as replica Whalers jerseys. I am not certain if they still do this.

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