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Lightning Cullen Clover patch Question


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I know there is a Patch thread on here but there is a lot of stuff to type out about this particular patch. I was wondering if they wore two different size patches that year? I have two different sized ones in my collection and looking through photos of gamers it looks to my eyes like they wore a smaller version on the Home and Alternate Storm jersey.

Here is the larger patches which i have loose


The smaller one which is sewn on an authentic i own


Now here are the two side by side to show the size difference. They are the same color and on the same type of material just different size. One looks lighter than the other because of the flash on my camera but they are both the same color.



Super close up of the larger version.


Super close up of the smaller version


Here is a picture of the larger one flipped over. I dont have a picture of the smaller one since it is already sewn on the jersey.


The smaller patch looks a bit thicker then again its very hard to tell since its sewn on the jersey.


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Since i had too many pictures for it to go through...Here is part 2 with pictures of gamers

Now here are some pictures of gamers that i found close up pictures of the patch.

These first two are from the Alternate jerseys and they both look to be the smaller version. Also notice how they are both located in different positions by the way they compare to the rain.



Now here is the home jersey version which also looks to be the small version


Now here is where my question comes in. This is a picture of the Away jersey.


You can easily see that the Away jersey in the picture above shows the larger patch on it while the Home and Alternate had the smaller version. Did they wear the larger patches on just the Away jersey or did they also switch them to the Home and Alternate jerseys? Does anyone know the story on this patch? Thanks for any info you guys may have

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It's just so beautiful hahaha

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