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Top 5 Favorite Alternate jerseys past and present


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I am curious what past and present (2013-14) Alternate jerseys everyone likes (opinion thread)

My top 5 would be these


1. 95-96 Mighty Ducks (Wildwing)

2. 97-99 Lightning (Storm)

3. 98-03 Coyotes

4. 01-06 Oilers

5. 03-04 Thrashers


1. Hurricanes

2. Coyotes

3. Blues

4. Sharks

5. Bruins

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5.Washington/St. Louis


1.Colorado 01-02

2.Columbus 03-04

3.Chicago 10-11

4.Buffalo 00-01 and 10-11

5.Calgary 10-11

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1. Columbus current

2. Colorado maroon

3. Leafs, both the current throwback and the white one with the blue shoulders

4. Ducks jade

5. Blackhawks black

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Current -


Blue Jackets



Past -

Ducks Wildwing

Flames Retro Thirds

tie - Predators mustard or blue/white thirds - Both are pretty sharp

Kings Purple and Yellow- vintage style

Oilers Oil drop (steel and blue)

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Islanders and Sabres are the best...


Ottawa and Columbus are the best current alternates right now in my opinion. St. Louis and Washington are both nice as well. Calgary's recently defunct alternates were awesome, too.

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1) Anaheim Ducks

2) Carolina Hurricanes

3) Islanders

4) Vancouver Canucks

5) San Jose


1) White NYI "Hybrid" wave

2) NYR Liberty white

3) Wild Wing

4) BK

5) Isles Orange

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Past (in no particular order)

Boston Pooh Bear

Buffalo Red 2000-2006

Colorado 2001-2007

Predators mustard

Ottawa 2000-2007

Maple Leafs 2000-2007







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1) Kings purple

2) Leafs

3) Blues

4) Hurricanes

5) Blue Jackets


1) Penguins black Robopen

2) Rangers Liberty

3) Predators navy

4) Blackhawks black Indian head

5) Stars ASG design (later became road jersey)

6) Kings BK

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I'll stick to actual third jersey designs, rather than revivals of old designs.


1) Colorado. I love the way the colors clash, as with their other jerseys in the past.

2) Anaheim. The D is better than the wordmark, the striping and extra use of orange is nice, and the Mighty Ducks logo is in the shoulder patch.

3) Minnesota. Green's my favorite color, and this vintage-style sweater nails it. Normally I feel the Wild should have a modern-esque identity, but so far their classic-inspired look lately has gotten my approval.

4) Carolina. The only surviving piece of the inaugural Carolina Hurricanes identity, when it comes to jerseys. This was used along with the 2007 Edgified version of their 1997 uniforms, and it, with the good ol' warning flag pattern, lives on today on the outside, where it deserves to be.

5) Phoenix. Looks great overall, with actually-symmetric shoulders since there's a patch on both sides, unlike the home and roads.

Honorable mention: Buffalo. While you may be conspicuous, I actually sort of like this. It's unique, and it has a nice mix of modern (the design itself, and the grey highlight) and classic (the blue/gold and the Sabres logo). I only put this as an honorable mention because the Buffalo Sabres organization has not spoken of this logo since the most-likely staged "leak", and will probably not wear them from their major panned initial reception.

Classic - Pre-2013/14, not counting the thirds that the Bruins and Pens wore way before alternate jerseys were a thing.

1) Pittsburgh - "RoboPenguin Gradient" - 1995/96. Man. Where do I even begin? Well, let's see....you've got it started right off the bat with that glorious, beautiful logo. It's very regal and iconic, and I think it's the best logo in the history of the NHL, and so underrated, yet panned by many other Penguins fans for its association with bad luck for the team. Now, the jersey itself is a beauty. This is also my favorite jersey in the sport's history, though I might have slight bias. I was bought one of these jerseys as a kid, and I remember it moderately. I only wish I remember where I put it, I'd like to at least have it to look at and reminisce the old days of going to the Civic Arena...

Anyways, back on the jersey itself. It utilizes the already-classic black/gold color combination the Pens have hailed for a surprisingly mere 21 years, from 1981-2002. Not only that, but added an unexpectedly-fitting color to the palette- silver. It worked very well with the identity, and on that jersey. The striping is crazy and asymmetrical; I love it. It's fitting for one of the inaugural sweaters for the third jersey program launching during the 1995-96 season, all of which were introduced the latter year. The stomach horizontal stripe is perfect, the three lines match up perfectly with the logo, and the gradient looks beautiful. Overall a classic, unique jersey that is underrated like the logo it bears.

2) Anaheim - "Jade Dominance" 1997/98. As stated previously, I love green. Teal (dubbed 'jade' in the Mighty Ducks' palette) is close enough, right? It was a sports trend in the 90's, and it's easy to see why. Its bright, out-standingness makes it unique and fun to look at. This is an amazing jersey that, I think, takes the best advantage of the Mighty Ducks' original color palette of jade, eggplant, and gold (which wasn't really used until then other than in the logo). This one even had a rare "fourth jersey" white counterpart, which lasted a year longer than this one, but I love this one so much more. Heck, I might as even go as far as to say I prefer it over the classic eggplant jersey, which is a cult classic, really. But mainly because of its use of color, do I love the teal jersey so much. Like most cases of mine, it's a short-lived, underrated jersey. What I'd do to have this one in my wardrobe.

3) Anaheim - "Wild Wing" - 1995/96. This fella sparked quite the controversy. At first sight, it's easy to see why it was almost immediately panned. People in general don't like what's different, and what's different is a hockey jersey that, A) does not have the logo on the front, and B) has a wacky, crazy design that doesn't seem fitting for the time. But, oh, it was. It was indeed. The NHL's third jersey program was out to make a change. A big change. No longer would teams have to be limited to mere colorswaps of the same jersey. They would be able to expand their wardrobe to something different, something that would give the fans and players a unique experience, and a variety to a team's visual appeal. The idea was to go crazy, and all out, making completely different jerseys while still being able to tell it was the same team as before.

Why do I love this jersey? Well, it fits the previously mentioned criteria to a T, and it looks great. One of my favorite factors of the Mighty Ducks is that they were owned by the Walt Disney Company. This could've been though to lead to company-based sellouts tied in with the hockey franchise, and this could be considered one of them. The Disney-esque design of Wild Wing, the mascot of the team, and a character in the 1996 Mighty Ducks animated TV series, is probably the biggest turn-off for people who look at this jersey. The number font is wild, too, and it could possibly be something more legible. But other than that, this is a very unique jersey that I'd love to have some day. It's a challenge to hunt for it though, considering they were only used for a few games in 1996, and shelved forever.

4) Tampa Bay - "Lightning Storm" - 1996/97. Like most unique alternate jerseys, this one speaks for itself. I just love the extreme measures they took to create a location-based identity with this one. The name and beautiful logo are both great, but this, this just sets it off the charts! The colors are all just used greatly here, and last but not least, victory stripes (not seen in the picture)! If it weren't obvious enough, I'd love to have this baby in my collection.

5) Florida - "Blue Panther" - 1998/99. I love the Panthers' identity. Awesome color scheme, primary/alternate logos (never change them, Florida.) and jerseys. Though, like most cases, I think their inaugural 1993-2007 look was way better, not to say today's is bad by any means. But the Panthers had a five-star set all the way through the Edge era. From 1993-1997 they only wore a white and red version of the jersey in the picture. A couple years after their surprisingly-successful season, they brought out a blue sweater, essentially the white one with the blue as the base color, in the stead of white. This made for a trio of stunning jerseys that all beautifully fit together. I'd love to have these three in my possession, and I'm always having a hard time picking my favorite one. No major differences, other than the red and blue being swapped to being the alternate and home/main/colored jersey, respectively, as well as the stick-breaking panther moving to the red one.

All that being said, this is just a dang good piece of eye candy. The traingle yoke is a style formerly utilized by teams like Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and is a trend I miss dearly. Florida used it flawlessly here, and these are easily one of my favorite jerseys ever.

Honorable mentions to the Rangers, Canucks and Sabres for having very nice alts that are appealing to my eye, and some a classic considered by fans for generations to come.

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Check out these fantastic NHL Third jersey ESPN links that I saved. Enjoy!

NHL 2001-02 third jerseys - http://espn.go.com/page2/s/newlook/nhlthirdunis/200102.html

Worst NHL third jerseys - http://espn.go.com/page2/s/newlook/nhlthirdunis/worst.html (As of 2001)

Best NHL third jerseys - http://espn.go.com/page2/s/newlook/nhlthirdunis/best.html (As of 2001)

Personally, the "Worst NHL third jerseys" article have some of the best third jerseys.

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Assuming that's a typo for Sens and refers to this jersey:


That thing was an abomination...in my opinion.

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1. Kings Purple

2. Rangers Heritage

3. Ducks Throwback

4. Vancouver Millionaires (I guess it is past now :P)

5. Capitals Winter Classic/Third


1. Rangers Liberty

2. Blackhawks Black Indian Head

3. Ducks Wildwing

4. Kings BK

5. Coyotes '98

Honorable mention

SNES third (I'm a huge Nintendo and SNES fan, I would totally buy that jersey and have it done up as a Miyamoto or Yamauchi :D )

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Assuming that's a typo for Sens and refers to this jersey:


Otherwise, maybe this one:


I like the bottom one better


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