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Dropped my Surface Pro, Selling 2012 Red All-Star, + more


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Added the 1.0 Giroux Rookie.

Since everyone complained about a 2.0 Giroux, I've decided to add a 1.0. It's an authentic 1.0 rookie 56 Giroux, Size 52, NWT. Asking $160 shipped to US.



IIHF Team Slovakia, like worn in the 2010 Olympics (I believe the patches are different than an Olympic one, but it's the same style). It's an XL. I wanted to make it a Palffy :( Paid $110. Feel free to make an offer!



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Why couldnt that be a 56!!!!!

Unfortunately, I got nothin' at all to spend..

Just a heads up to anyone who's scared, I'm not expecting $500 lol.

Okay, I'm getting rather tired of seeing useless and unnecessary posts in this forum. From now on, there will be no posts allowed that don't involve a useful question about the item listed. No more "PM sent" or "I wish it were a...!!" or "Nice jerseys!". Also, "For Sale" threads MUST contain both pictures(or links where beneficial) AND a price for said items. These posts will now be deleted to prevent unnecessary bumping and to eliminate clutter. If you have any questions for the seller, please PM them via the boards OR e-mail them where available.

Does anyone read the rules 'round here?

Can we pls stop with the useless posts that don't add anything, and can you pls post a price, Johnny?

Thank you.

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Updated, added the 1.0 Giroux.

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