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What game used sticks do you have?

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I was looking on eBay earlier and noticed current marginal players are commanding high prices. Of course that's assuming anyone jumps at the BIN price. Anyway, it got me looking at my old sticks, which made me wonder what everyone else had. Here's my small collection.

Bobby Clarke

Eric Lindros

Eric Desjardin

Mikael Renberg

Paul Coffey

Tie Domi

Rod Brind'Amour (St. Louis)

Patrick Elias

Todd Gill

team signed 1988 Flyers Keith Acton issued

Shortly after I started collecting sticks, the game worn jersey bug bit me, so my stick collecting stopped dead in its tracks. Every now and then I like to pull out the Clarke with its brittle tape and the Gill with it's shaved down handle and remind myself of where it all began for me.

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Here's my current collection -

Player - Team

Allison, Jamie, Calgary

Amonte, Tony - Chicago

Asham, Aaron - Philadelphia

Barch, Krys - Dallas

Baumgartner, Ken - NYI

Beaupre, Don - Washington

Beaupre, Don - Washington

Belak, Wade - Toronto

Belanger, Ken - Los Angeles

Belfour, Ed - Dallas

Berube, Craig - Calgary

Berube, Craig - Washington

Berube, Craig - Washington

Berube, Craig - Washington

Berube, Craig - NYI

Berube, Craig - Calgary

Bialowas, Frank - Hershey

Bissonnette, Paul - Phoenix

Blake, Rob - Colorado

Boll, Jared - Columbus

Bondra, Peter - Washington

Bonvie, Dennis - Wilkes-Barre

Boogaard, Derek - Minn. Wild

Boulerice, Jesse - Philadelphia

Boulton, Eric - Atlanta

Boulton, Eric - Buffalo

Bourbonnais, Rick - Baltimore

Brashear, Donald - Washington

Brashear, Donald - Washington

Brookbank, Sheldon - Anaheim

Brown, Brad - Chicago

Brown, Dave - Philadelphia

Brown, Dave - Philadelphia

Brown, Mike - Anaheim

Brown, Sean - New Jersey

Buchberger, Kelly - Edmonton

Bureau, Marc - Philadelphia

Butcher, Garth - St. Louis

Cairns, Eric - NYI

Carcillo, Daniel - Philadelphia

Carcillo, Daniel - Phoenix

Carcillo, Daniel - Phoenix

Carkner, Matt - Ottawa

Carlson, Steve - Baltimore

Caufield, Jay - Pittsburgh

Chase, Kelly - St. Louis

Chelios, Chris - Chicago

Chiasson, Steve - Detroit

Chimera, Jason - Columbus

Chychrun, Jeff - Philadelphia

Ciccone, Enrico - Washington

Clarkson, David - New Jersey

Cocker, ? - Baltimore

Conboy, Tim - Carolina

Corriveau, Yvon - Washington

Cote, Riley - Philadelphia

Cote, Sylvain - Washington

Cronin, Shawn - Winnipeg

Crowder, Troy - Vancouver

Cullen, Joe - Binghamton

Curran, Brian - NYI

Dafoe, Byron - Washington

Daneyko, Ken - New Jersey

DeBrusk, Louie - Tampa Bay

Del Col, John - Baltimore

Deveaux, Andre - NYR

Dingman, Chris - Hershey

Domi, Tie - Toronto

Donnelly, Gord - Winnipeg

Downey, Aaron - Providence

Eager, Ben - Chicago

Elynuik, Pat - Washington

Engelland, Derek - Pittsburgh

Erskine, John - Washington

Erskine, John - Washington

Erskine, John - Washington

Ewen, Todd - Anaheim

Exelby, Garnet - Atlanta

Featherstone, Glen - Hartford

Fedoruk, Todd - Philadelphia

Fedoruk, Todd - Philadelphia

Fedyk, Brent - Detroit

Finn, Steven - Quebec

Gillies, Trevor - NYI

Godard, Eric - Calgary

Godard, Eric - Pittsburgh

Gratton, Chris - Philadelphia

Gratton, Josh - Philadelphia

Greenlaw, Jeff - Washington

Greenlaw, Jeff - Baltimore

Gretzky, Wayne - Edmonton

Grimson, Stu - Detroit

Grimson, Stu - Anaheim

Guerin, Bill - NYI

Haluska, ? - Baltimore

Hannan, Dave - Baltimore

Harding, Josh - Minn. Wild

Hartsburg, Craig - Minn. NorthStars

Hebenton, Clay - Baltimore

Hedican, Bret - Vancouver

Herron, Denis - Baltimore

Hnidy, Shane - Boston

Hodson, Kevin - Detroit

Hordichuk, Darcy - Florida

Hordichuk, Darcy - Florida

Hordichuk, Darcy - Springfield

Hrechkosy, Dave - Baltimore

Huard, Bill - Providence

Hunter, Dale - Washington

Hunter, Tim - Calgary

Iafrate, Al - Boston

Ivanans, Raitis - Los Angeles

Janssen, Cam - St. Louis

Janssens, Mark - Hartford

Janssens, Mark - Hartford

Johnson, Duke - Baltimore

Johnson, Matt - Los Angeles

Johnson, Matt - Minn. Wild

Jovanovski, Ed - Phoenix

Kane, Boyd - Hershey

Karpa, Dave - Carolina

Kastelic, Ed - Hartford

King, D. J. - St. Louis

King, Kris - Phoenix

King, Kris - Adirondack

Kio, ? - Baltimore

Koci, David - Colorado

Kocur, Joe - Detroit

Kocur, Joe - Detroit

Kocur, Joe - NYR

Kolzig, Olaf - Washington

Konopka, Zenon - Tampa Bay

Kordic, John - Montreal

Kypreos, Nick - Washington

Kypreos, Nick - Washington

Kyte, Jim - Winnipeg

Lagace, Pierre - Baltimore

Lakovic, Sasha - Rochester

Lalor, Mike - Washington

Lambert, Denny - San Diego

Langdon, Darren - New Jersey

Langenbrunner, Jamie - New Jersey

Lapointe, Martin - Boston

Laraque, Georges - Edmonton

Laraque, Georges - Montreal

Larter, Tyler - Baltimore

Larter, Tyler - Baltimore

Laus, Paul - Florida

Lawmaster, Jason - Peoria

LeBlond, Pierre-Luc - New Jersey

Leroux, Francois - Springfield

Low, Reed - Worcester

Lundberg, Brian - Baltimore

MacDermid, Paul - Washington

MacIntyre, Steve - Edmonton

Mahovlich, Pete - Pittsburgh

Mallette, Troy - NYR

Maltais, Steve - Baltimore

Mandich, Dan - Minn. NorthStars

Manson, Dave - Montreal

Manson, Dave - Phoenix

Marchment, Bryan - San Jose

Marshall, Grant - Columbus

Maxwell, Brad - Minn. NorthStars

May, Alan - Washington

May, Brad - Anaheim

Mayers, Jamal - Chicago

McCabe, Bryan - Chicago

McCarthy, Sandy - Philadelphia

McCarty, Darren - Calgary

McGrattan, Brian - Binghamton

McKay, Randy - Detroit

McKenna, Steve - Los Angeles

McKenzie, Jim - New Jersey

McKenzie, Jim - Pittsburgh

McRae, Basil - St. Louis

McRae, Ken - Halifax

McSorley, Marty - Los Angeles

McSorley, Marty - Pittsburgh

Miller, Jay - Los Angeles

Miller, Kelly - Washington

Mulvey, Paul - Baltimore

Ndur, Rumun - Atlanta

Neil, Chris - Ottawa

Niedermayer, Rob - New Jersey

Nilan, Chris - Montreal

Nolan, Owen - San Jose

Nolan, Owen - San Jose

Odelein, Lyle - Montreal

Odgers, Jeff - Boston

Oliwa, Krzysztof - New Jersey

Orr, Colton - NYR

Orr, Colton - Toronto

Ott, Steve - Dallas

Otto, Joel - Team USA (1996 World Cup)

Ovechkin, Alex - Washington

Parker, Scott - Colorado

Parros, George - Anaheim

Parros, George - Los Angeles

Payette, Andre - Philadelphia

Pearson, Rob - Washington

Peckham, Theo - Edmonton

Peluso, Mike - Chicago

Perlini, Fred - Baltimore

Peters, Andrew - New Jersey

Pivonka, Michal - Washington

Plett, Willi - Minn. NorthStars

Poeschek, Rudy - St. Louis

Potomski, Barry - Los Angeles

Primeau, Keith - Detroit

Probert, Bob - Chicago

Pronger, Chris - Anaheim

Prust, Brandon - NYR

Quintal, Stephane - Montreal

Ray, Rob - Buffalo

Ray, Rob - Ottawa

Regehr, Robyn - Calgary

Richardson, Luke - Philadelphia

Roberts, Gary - Pittsburgh

Rouse, Bob - Washington

Roy, Andre - Ottawa

Roy, Andre - Tampa Bay

Rupp, Mike - NYR

Russell, Cam - Chicago

Rychel, Warren - Los Angeles

Sabourin, Ken - Washington

Sawyer, Kevin - Worcester

Schmidt, Norm - Baltimore

Schoenfeld, Jim - Buffalo

Scott, John - Minn. Wild

Semenko, Dave - Edmonton

Severyn, Brent - Halifax

Shanahan, Brendan - NYR

Shelley, Jody - Columbus

Shelley, Jody - Columbus

Shelley, Jody - Philadelphia

Shields, Steve - Buffalo

Simon, Chris - NYI

Simon, Chris - Washington

Simon, Chris - Washington

Simpson, Todd -Calgary

Smith, Steve - Chicago

Souray, Sheldon - Dallas

Stevens, Scott - Washington

Stevenson, Jeremy - Nashville

Stevenson, Turner - Montreal

Stortini, Zack - Edmonton

Sutton, Andy - NYI

Tabaracci, Rick - Washington

Tamer, Chris - NYR

Thompson, Brent - Hershey

Thornton, Shawn - Boston

Thornton, Shawn - Boston

Tinordi, Mark - Washington

Tkachuk, Keith - Winnipeg

Tocchet, Rick - Washington

Turcotte, Alfie - Baltimore

Vandenbussche, Ryan - Chicago

Verbeek, Pat - Dallas

Vial, Dennis - Buffalo

Vukota, Mick - NYI

Weaver, Jim - Baltimore

Westgarth, Kevin - Los Angeles

White, Colin - New Jersey

Wideman, Dennis - Boston

Wiemer, Jason - New Jersey

Wiemer, Jason - Portland

Williams, Tiger - Los Angeles

Witt, Brendan - Washington

Wolf, Bennett - Baltimore

Worrell, Peter - Colorado

Young, Warren - Baltimore

Ysebaert, Paul - Detroit

Yzerman, Steve - Detroit

Zetterberg, Henrik - Detroit






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Holy bejeezus.

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bobbyp - that is one massive stick collection. Were you an equipment manager or know the equipment manager of an NHL team??

As for mine, Zack Parise, Glen Metropolit, Matt Frattin, Colby Armstrong, and quite a few pro models twigs that I have signed.

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Petr Klima 1987-88 Koho with striped blade.. Giving to me by Klima at a game Wings vs Devils..

John Vanbiesbrouck 1989-90 Louisville.. Broken.. Given to me by Beezer at Rangers practice..

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bobbyp - that is one massive stick collection. Were you an equipment manager or know the equipment manager of an NHL team??

As for mine, Zack Parise, Glen Metropolit, Matt Frattin, Colby Armstrong, and quite a few pro models twigs that I have signed.

No, I wasn't ever an equipment manager, but I did play at the Caps former practice facility for a few years and did know a few folks there. Plus I made some friends over the years who had connections to other teams, but mostly I've been collecting sticks for a long time (20+ years). I am about out of room in my basement so I switched almost exclusively over to jerseys a couple years ago.

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I have just one from Semyon Varlamov. I was at one of his first practices with the Caps after being called up. It was in Florida and there was no one there. I had his Hershey Bears jersey on and was just watching and a friend and I were cheering him on when he made some good saves, just goofing off having a good time. When it was all done he flagged me down to the bench, gave me his stick and a handshake, I dont think he spoke English like at all. It was a pretty cool experience - I have it up on the wall.

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I've got a Stan Makita Northland Gunzo's as a b-day present years ago from a friend.

Anybody know where I can get it authenticated?

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Wow bobbyp6565 that is an amazing collection

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Guest Dr_Puck

I *had* a Binghamton Whalers Kay Whitmore stick growing up that I wore down to the nub playing street hockey. If only I could go back in time, slap myself and send it to my future address.

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