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Punched Out: New York Time piece of Derek Boogaard


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Thank you for sharing,

I've always been amazed by the enforcer role.

It always seemed to be a necessary evil and one of two reasons to leap from your seat during a game but I may look at it differently now.

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I am probably in the minority and I am also too young to really remember when fighting was a HUGE part of hockey, but I have always found fighting to be ridiculous. Certainly in today's NHL it has a very, very limited legitimate role. That could be for better or worse, I have heard both arguments, but as fighting exists in today's game, no one would miss it from a substantive standpoint.

I also question the entertainment value now. I attend 50-100 games every season for either work or leisure and I can count the number of actual exciting fights I see each season on one hand.

It has its place in the minors for sure. In the CHL, it is a huge part of the draw but I think it's wrong to have a bunch of teenagers punching each other in the face for the amusement of some drunks in the seats. You see the US developmental program and every one in Europe without fighting, right?

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