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Stores that sell jerseys near Niagara Falls Canada


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I was there two weeks ago...I didn't looks around the "Falls" area as I was planning to travel to Toronto...lots of stores there, but I pretty much saw only replicas at retail. Mind you, I saw just about every team, player and country jersey you would want. Nothing like the Philly area where you see a few replica Flyers jerseys and an occasional Devils or Crosby Pens jersey.

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I'm in Ontario Niagara Falls. Any good stores that sell jerseys near here?

The only one I know of (and it wouldn't have Edges) is the Nike Factory Outlet store. I don't know of any other places in that area (but that doesn't mean they're not there).

If you do find anything, please let me know! I'm actually going to Niagara Falls for dinner tomorrow night.

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The Nike outlet on Lundy's Lane is hit or miss. Sometimes they have jerseys, but most of the time they don't, but as dsl135 mentioned, they won't have Edges. There are a few other sports stores, but I don't know of another store in the area that has authentic jerseys. They all sell replicas or fakes.

That said, if you are in Niagara Falls, you MUST check out Marcel Dionne's store. He is often there, and he has such an awesome collection of hockey memorabilia. It's on Montrose Road just north of Morrison.

What Edge jersey(s) are you looking for?

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