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Valuing Game Worn Equipment - Opinions?


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Hey everyone, I thought that I'd ask for the help of the boards here as well as the gameworn.net forums as I am comsidering venturing into a new area of collecting and have no idea what the common practice is when it comes to game worn equipment.

In specific, if valuing equipment I'm assuming as jerseys are this way, that the pricing is based primarily on popularity and star status when comparing for example gloves worn by pinnizotto compared to gloves worn by kesler (if referring to Canucks). Prices are always subjective but like jerseys I guess they are mostly tiered by the quality of player when it comes to the items cost.

However, what about prices of gloves, compared to helmets, compared to pants, compared to sticks.

Is there some sort of equipment hierarchy of what is desired most and what is valued higher than others.

Lastly, what about the significance of the equipment if used in big games or momentous occasions.

I have the opportunity to acquire something I think is quite rare when it comes to equipment as its from a big event and worn by a star player. Just trying to ascertain what it's market value actually is. Any help on the subject is much appreciated!

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Hey dude

Just getting into this myself. More on the pro stock extras though rather than any specific player.

Skates, gloves and sticks are more personalized than any other piece. I bought some phaneuf skates to use as dion goes through a pair every 2 weeks. They were terrible, the blades are customized much differently than what I'm used to and I was falling all over the place ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) luckily I was able to return them to my guy.

I've got some Komarov leafs gloves from this last season that set me back $150, but these gloves new in store are around $250.

It all depends on what you're looking into and whether you want to use it or collect it.

Check out sports2k.com there is tons of stuff over there. It's a pro stock hockey equipment forum much like this

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I have a few items

Wayne Simmonds helmet 11-12


Zac Rinaldo practice


Zac Rinaldo winter classic laundry bag


I don't know if they have much resale value since there's no really historic value. The laundry bag is cool it was about $40 the Rinaldo was about $40 and he Simmonds was $65. I like the Simmonds because I can't tell it's the helmet he wore the full bird cage with because there's wear on the screws where it would get attached too. I never photo matched it before though. I also have a game issue 11-12 winter classic shell which I love seems dumb but I think it's cool. Have some game used socks giroux and hartnell

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There's much smaller market for GW equipment relative to jerseys, so it's bit harder to determine the value of these things. Personally, I think sticks have the highest value and the coolest thing to collect outside of jerseys. I really like displaying my collection of sticks. After sticks, I would put skates next, followed by gloves, and then helmets. Not sure if people would really want pants, shoulder pads, socks, etc and pay big bucks for.

In terms of GW equipment worn or used on big occasions, unless you got it right after the game directly from the player, it's tougher to verify. Think about how every NHL jersey is tagged now, this hasn't happened yet for anything else the players wear or use.

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Alright. Well since there wasnt quite enough info from board members i decided to gamble on this one and went for it.

Picked up:

2010 Team Usa Olympics game used Patrick Kane Nike Pants and Easton suspenders.

Photo matched and video matched to the entire olympic games as the team wore 3 different jerseys but only 1 pair of pants.

Pants have team tagging with Patricks name and number inside the waist and show some serious wear on the outside.

I think its a decent pickup, even for hockey pants... Considering they were worn all the way to the gold medal game.

In looking to try and ballpark value these i noticed that his gloves are in the HHOF and the jerseys were all $6K and up, and the stick from his last shift sold at Classic for $850.

Pants dont display as well as gloves or sticks, but there is usually a limited market for Kane gear thanks to the Blackhawks so im happy with the acquisition.

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I don't collect much outside of jerseys but I've watched other area's of hockey collecting and it seems overall game worn jerseys are probably the most valuable item on the player. Most of this is because there's a lot of jersey collectors who can raise the demand and the price of them.

As far as the reset, pants, skates, protrective gear or whatever else they just never seem to be worth that much unless the player uses rare equipment. In fact with NHL equipment it seems in some cases the unused pro stock stuff (especially Jofa) is more valuable than the used stuff regardless of who had it on.

Sticks have some value depending on who used them and games they were used in, but even these seem to have a cap. Like jerseys, if you're getting into it for the joy of having the equipment then it will be a good hobby. If you're getting into because you want to make a few bucks I think you should look elsewhere. Classic and these auction type places tend to sell items for an extremely high price and once the item goes to resell on ebay or even a convention it will rarely fetch that amount (unless Gretzky touched it). As stingy as the Hawks are with game worn jerseys and equipment...the items I've seen people obtain for insane prices have been sitting on ebay now for months with efforts to try to resell. These days, even jerseys when I buy something I just assume I'm going to lose half on it if I ever go to sell it.

BTW awesome pickups, I would have loved to have something from one of the Hawks players from that years olympics...it was an unreal run for both USA and Canada.

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Sticks are the big money, i collect game worn equipment or pro stock gear which is player specific. Chow_Hound you did great by picking up Kane's shorts, they sell for a lot usually. Gloves should go anywhere between $100-250 depending on the player. Duncan you did good with the Leafs gloves. Warriors are going to cost the most, there is a crazy demand for them and they are Canadian made and can be the most player specific thing you will find. Ex: I own Matt Walker's (who?) game used Flyers Warrior Franchises and i also own a pair of Franchises prepared for Chris Pronger, the differences are astounding. Not just size but palms, customization, and padding.

Sticks are insane, i dont mess with sticks. I have 5-6 i use when i play but a buddy of mine sold a Kovalchuk stick for $500+ i believe, Ovechkins gloves for $850, and Giroux's stick for $900 i think. The insanity is probably more in the gear TBH. The Sports2k forum is an insanely awesome place and contains a lot of information, the people are probably some of the coolest i have ever talked to as well. Chow_Hound take your Kane USA gear there, i think some of those guys would kill to see it.

Kane's USA gamer is on eBay again for $6,999.99 i believe.

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What it comes to game worn equipments, I think most shout after are used goalie mask.

Certainly not that common but there are good amount floting around in hobby and if you check ie Classicauctions they do get auctioned off regurlarry.

I think modern day (90s/2000) NHL masks start from 1000 usd and usually end up being in price range of 1500-3500.

Vintage stuff is of course different thing. In example Grant Fuhr's Oilers mask from 80s was recently sold for 20000.

I feel that maybe goalie equipment in general is more widely collected than skaters' stuff. Blocker+glove combos can fets some pretty decent prices as

well as worn pads.

As long as I've been part of the game worn hobby, sticks seem to hold their popularity. Those are videly collected. Like in jersey, price range is huge.

While you can pick up some used NHL wood from 90s for 20-30 bucks some of the modern sticks go for insanely high prices. Like some examples mentioned in this topic.

It always keeps suprising me how high prices people are ready to pay on modern day sticks. I mean players use ton of them. Not that hard to come by. Of course

retail value is much higher on composites but still...

Sweetest stick I have ever owned was 1982 Wayne Gretzky stick used in World Championship tournament held in Helsinki. It was signed and photomatched.

It would have been cool thing to keep, but it was bit too pricy item for my collection.

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Member of a lot of different hockey forums but new to this forum - saw this thread and figured I'd share my two cents -

The current day equipment - sticks, gloves, skates, etc. - can only go down. Most of today's pricing is based on the current popularity of the player, but if they have a couple bad years or retire, there is so much out there for these current players that the market won't support these prices. Jerseys & equipment from the 80's and 90's however is more scarce and does appreciate in value, especially if the player has some notable event - elected to the Hall, becomes a coach/GM or unfortunately, passes away. I've been collecting g/w jerseys and g/u sticks, gloves and helmets of enforcers and fighters for about 25 years & I know my Boogaard stick & gloves and my Probert jersey, photo-matched stick and photo-matched elbow pads have gone up in value about 3-fold from what I paid for them, after their deaths, not that any of these are leaving my basement. But I put the 'true' value of these items on what they mean to me and not the price for which I could sell any of them.

I know I've paid between $50 and $2,750 for a gameworn jersey, between $15 and $450 for a game-used stick and between $25 and $250 for a pair of g/u mitts or a g/u helmet, so the prices vary widely - again its what you can pay and what a given item is really worth to you -




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