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Milwaukee Admirals Gray Xtrafil Nameplates


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Not sure if this should be in the trading section as I'm trying to let others know I have them available, but I bought out the Admirals boxes of old nameplates. Included are 47x blank Gray Xtrafil plates as used from 2007-2010 on this style of jersey:



Only asking $2 per plate plus shipping. Be aware that while EPS can letter these jerseys, they do not have this material (or did not as of 2011)

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The blue piping really pops out with the grey jersey. Too bad it's near impossible to find authentic Ads jerseys outside of gamers.

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I am kinda new to the bord and hoping someone can help me out.

My wife plays for the Milwaukee Lady Admirals and will be playing at nationals in Minneapolis next month. I cannot find an authentic Admirals jersey anywhere. I am looking for the logo that's on the Jones jersey in the picture above. Does anyone have one I could purchase or know where to buy an authentic? I'm looking for size 52 or 56. Black would be nice but at this point any color will work.


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