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1991-92 Penguins Cup Years Jerseys


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Hey all. Hopefully someone can help me out, like y'all were able to help me last year in getting the Penguins powder blue alternate for my brother. My uncle is a die-hard Penguins fan, like the rest of the family, but unfortunately, doesn't have a nice jersey to wear. My aunt bought him a framed home, patched 92 Cup jersey of Ulf Samuelsson, his favorite player, a few years ago for Christmas. 2 years ago, she bought him the current Pens navy blue alternate customized as a Crosby with the Winter Classic patch, but it is a horrible fake. Talking with one of my cousins, I came up with the idea of all of the kids (total of 5 of us) getting together and getting him a black jersey from those years and have it customized as Ulf and have it patched correctly. Ideally, I'd prefer an authentic, but am realistic and truthfully, don't want to spend a ton of money. Doing some cursory browsing on the bay, I stumbled upon this:


Now, I would have it stripped and re-customized, but looking at the close-up pics, I can't help but wonder if this jersey is starting to be faked. If any of y'all would be kind enough to help confirm this or even help me track down a jersey, it would be greatly appreciated. For what it's worth, my uncle would probably wear a medium or large in a replica, and I would guess a 48 or 50 in an authentic.

Thanks guys!

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A real CCM Ultrafil Authentic from the 1991-1992 era will run you several hundred dollars, and they are extremely challenging to find.

It may be best to get him a CCM Vintage Line replica, which is legit remake of that look (not a counterfeit), but is an AirKnit. You can easily find these and they will cost you a fraction of the cost of an authentic from the era.

You can buy a blank and get a top-quality personailzation of Samuelsson for him, no stripping necessary. Here is an example of one in XL, from a trustworthy ebay seller:


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