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i recently managed to pick up a game worn jersey of the same player that i had made from a blank game issued jersey EPS.

has anyone ever manage to strip apart an EPS jersey? is it more difficult than your regular run of the mill jersey? do they apply more adhesive on their jersey??

just curious if this could be without any difficulties

thanks guys! :)

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I have and they generally use VERY tight high quality stitching which makes it tough. It was not fun. Frankly I think they charge like $35 to strip so if I ever wanted to undo something they did Id just send it to them.

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I have stripped several Kings jerseys that were lettered incorrectly by EPS. All were early to mid 2000 air knits.

I agree with Brandon that the stitching was VERY tight and sometimes very small making it difficult to slide the seam ripper in place.

The worse part was the amount of glue residue on the jersey once the letters were stripped off. They must use a lot of heat when they press the letters on

as it was sometimes very difficult just to get a corner lifted to start peeling off the letters/numbers once all the threads were removed.

Took a lot of elbow grease, Goo Gone and ironing to remove all the residue. Actually ruined one jersey by using too much solvent and fading the jersey

where I stripped the letters for the name off. I found using a white t-shirt over the jersey and ironing with a lot of steam and heat to be the best method of removing the residue.

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