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Iginla Canada 'Rookie' Cards

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Hey folks. I was browsing through eBay and came across the following Iginla card marked 'Mexico Cup '94-95':


I've never came across this jersey style before, so I was just wondering if anyone has any information of when it was used and for how long? Any pictorial references e.g. game worns would be interesting to see. I also found the red version too:


The red looks similar to the mid-'90s CCM replica that Oxbo has for sale, minus the patches but with an updated, pressed crest.

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I did a bit more research, and through a process of elimination the jerseys are from 1993-94 when Iginla played for the Canada Under 18s. I found the jersey worn in the 1996 WJC:


Still no closer to finding a game worn of the original jersey in question. Halp!

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A couple of members here have had issues with some letters and arm numbers by EPS which have been inaccurate.


Edit: Nvm, you must have seen this thread, as you asked the same question someone else did, verbatim.

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The Canada jerseys with three stripes on the arms and waist were worn with the "flag within a flag" crest and were worn in 1993 and 1994 by the Canadian National Team.

The "half red/half black" flag crest was first worn based on my saved photos for the 1995 World Juniors, only with red and black stripes which ran diagonally across the waist like an old Mighty Ducks jersey.

The pics you show don't fit any of my photos, as they seem to mix the "three waist stripes" with the "red & black leaf" crest.

I'd guess 1993, because in 1994 they added a fourth waist & arm stripe.

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